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How can i remove a decolor paint marker off my model?

I i was coloring in the panel lines on my model and a little bit got on an area that i didnt want it on. ive tried rubbing alchohol and it didnt work. what else could i use to color in panel lines on models?

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    You might try a little nail polish remover or paint thinner. (Test it first on a piece of scrap to make sure it doesn't melt the plastic your kit is made from). Or you can lightly sand away what you don't want, repaint if needed and spray with gloss or matte sealer which should even everything out.

    I tend to use Sharpie Ultra Fine Tip markers when I need to do panel lines. They're inexpensive, come in different colors and are easily found at any office supply store. They won't color in an area, but work for a single grooved line. There's also various technical pens such as Kohinoor where one can change the tip size and fill the cartridge with whatever color you need, but they get to be very pricey.

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