Should Professor Gates stop his whining?

When i first heard about the arrest of Professor Gates on tv i felt bad for him and sure did feel that he was racially profiled. I saw this on the news the day after it happened becuz i live in boston. The next day i here he wants and apology. i said to myself ok thats fair he should get an apology. the next day Professor Gates talks to the media again saying that he is going to make a documentary and then has the President voice his opinion....does anyone else think he is going to far, after all the reason he was arrested was becuase he was not cooperating with police in his home. i honestly think he should stop this bs.

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    1 decade ago
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    I am amazed that he is oblivious to how his actions and subsequent comments have contributed to this mess, embarrassed the President and given the R's a talking point.

    Gates should do the honorable thing and resign his position with Harvard. I would not pay for my kids to take a class with him.

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    It was taken way to far. If there was someone actually breaking into his house he would be happy that the police would have showed up. Maybe the person who called the police was the one acting racsist. It could go on and on. If anyone is breaking into a house it looks suspicious. Moral of the story- make sure you always have your keys or call a locksmith.

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    He didn't have the Pres. stick up for him, Obama was asked a question about it and he answered with how he felt.

    He didn't need to cooperate with the police inside his home, they came into his house without his permission, then arrested him after he showed proof of his id. The cop was on a power trip and it's messed up to see how easily they can abuse their power.

    If if happened to you and you had a chance to make money from it, I'm sure you would as well, it's the American way.

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    Gates was totally in line inside his home. He could yell and scream at the cop all he wanted to. But when he stepped outside his home and started yelling he was out of line.

    The cops used bad judgment. But they were just dumb white cops who maybe had associate degrees. Gates is suppose to be an intelligent highly educated professor. So what is his excuse for bad judgment?

    Of course Obama sticks up for the Black guy, before he found out the facts.

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