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Can a Brain Aneurysm develop after being screened for one?

Ok for starters, my twin sister died from a ruptured brain aneurysm 7 years ago when we were 11 years old! They said it there since birth and began to grow shortly before it ruptured! Shortly after her death, it was recommended for my brother and i to be screened to see if we had an aneurysm. We both came back fine with no aneurysm! But i have been reading that aneurysm's can develop over a lifetime! And lately i have been getting these headaches in my temples and back of skull, somewhat mild, not very painful, but bothersome! And i do have blurriness/slight double vision in one eye. my neck does hurt from time to time as well! There have really been no other symptoms. No numbness in the face or legs. im no more tired than usual, a little nausea, but that always happens with me, but no vomiting! The only thing i can say is that my legs feel heavy, like im going down an elevator. but that doesnt happen a lot! Im 18 years old now. Im scared that the same thing could happen to me! Should I go see a doctor. I did see a doctor last year and he said i am fine, and i havent really worsened since then, but i havent gotten any better either. What should i do. Thanks!

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    Go see a doctor ASAP. It is better to be safe than to wind up with a ruptured aneurysm which could have been caught in time. Good luck!

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