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what would be a good gift for my soldier?

my boyfriend is going back overseas again on his 3rd tour for the army, i would like to give him a sentimental gift that he can take with him but i cant think of anything... we were both in the military at one point and bought each other matching necklaces with apart of a heart for each of us saying the others name on the backs and on the front forever and always...but i want something different and i dont know..if you have any suggestions on what i might be able to do or sites to look at for ideas that would help alot...thank you

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    Before my son deployed he took a lock of everyone's hair and kept them with him the whole time. That way we were with him too. It might sound weird but it worked for him. One of his buddy's wives sent him bed sheets with her perfume sprayed all over them. The guys didn't appreciate it much though because their room stunk for awhile.

    I think maybe you can send him "you" throughout his whole tour. Supposedly our "smell" is what attracks us to each other anyway. This may sound weird but I know it will work. Send him clothing of yours in a plastic bag. You leave your scent on everything. He may love the shampoo you use. It reminds him of you. He may like the deodorant you use, he may like your perfume, he may just like the smell of you alone.

    Send him a shirt with all of your wonderful smells. One you have worn throughout the day with all of the smells that makes him love you so much. I know when my mother died, she had a recently worn sweater that I would just cuddle and smell. It made me feel closer to her.

    I might sound like a nut here but what more wonderful a gift can you give than yourself. You can send them every couple of months with a pic of you wearing it and a sweet little note. I'm sure you may not want one of his smelly T shirts he wore on a mission but maybe you will. You will have him with you too. I think that is way different.

    Just an idea........... a very personal one.

    Good luck and thank you and your boyfriend for your service.

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    okay, probably gonna get thumbs down for this, whatever. But you should go to a professional, or have a friend help you, or do it yourself with a camera with a timer. Get yourself all dolled up, and get pics of yourself in an old pin up girl pose, minus your clothes. Old pin ups wore bathingsuits usually, and actually still had very appropriate poses. My husband as requested nudie pics of me and he is in Iraq. If you are uncomfortable with it, just do a very "innocent" naked picture. Like from beind, peeking over your shoulder so only your butt and part of the side of your boob is showing. You can make it really classy, and do it in black and white, and make it like very WWII ! I would highly reccomend this, and I think he would like it too.

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    My young ones consistently asked for fruit snacks and jerky, distinctive flavors. The fruit snacks, i pass to Sam's club and get them. This time I sent some from the Bees action picture. I deliver the babies ones, like autos, my little pony, issues like that. I unquestionably have additionally sent a waffle maker, $10 at Walmart and waffle combination which you only upload oil and water to. Homebaked candies. certainly one of my different young ones loves sudoko puzzles. they have digital ones. She additionally likes pass-sewing and coloring. So we deliver her coloring books and crayons. She additionally likes laptop video games. i think of she has each Sims activity there is. hand-held video games. Etch-a-comic strip. distinctive card video games. I unquestionably have sent bubbles, stupid putty, play-doh and issues like that. the countless stuff would sound stupid, yet they are able to't only pass off base and function relaxing. laptop video games like squaddies of Anarchy or H.A.L.O. or SoCom. for women: Nail components - documents, buffers. etc. Even in Iraq, they are women and might desire to sense it in specific circumstances. At Sally's attractiveness grant they have some stuff referred to as Heel to Toe Spa Pedicure sequence. I unquestionably are turning out to be her peppermint sloughing foot lotion. it is an exfoliate for ft. I even have been given some Pedi therapy foot therapy creme.

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    I sent my husband a "dog tag" with a picture of us laser engraved on it. I don't think he was authorized to wear it on his issued dog tags, but he always had it with him.

    It was not very expensive & I got it at a kiosk in the mall. Hope this helps...

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    Ok, this wont be for the average girls budget, but this is what I would want!!!

    other than that, go to the photographer and get a really nice picture of yourself for him to let him look at what he has to come back to. Maybe a little riske', maybe not. What ever your style is.

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    special pictures!!! you know jpictures just for him... but htat isnt really sentimental

    i once came across a cute little silver fourtune cookie that you can ut your own message in... it opens like a locket but with out the chain, you jst stick it in your pocket or whatever...

    this website has ood stuff.. hope it helps its the one with the fourtune cookie and other stuff

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    a wheel chair jkjk something nice or something hes interseted in

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