should i go to work tommorow?

tommorow is payday i work at a thirft store the thing is i only work 3 hours a week and im only making 102 dollars and 50 cents i don't make that much money i didn't go to work last friday because my stomache was hurting i don't feel like going to work tommorow plus my back was hurting today at work. should i go? my jobcouch doesn't give me my check on friday anyway because i don't have direct deposit yet. she never gives me my checks til monday. i dont like even like my job right now but with this economy i can't find a job my goal is to stay at my job for 6 months then look for a different job something i like doing. i'm 22


my dad on the other hand whom i live with said if i quit this job he will kick me out whitch i think is ridicioulous!!! im dying to quit this job in 6 months.

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago

    OMG! There is SO much spam! I would go to work, and get ure paycheck, and look for a different job. Anything seems it could be better than this! If your dad wants to kick u out, maybe u should confront him and help him understand the situation better.. You need to find a new job, and become more independent!

    .. good luck with that by the way..

  • 1 decade ago

    You work 3 hours a week and earn $102.50. There are thousands of people out there who would kill for a job like that and you are bitching about it? What are you going to do when you get a full time job and have to put in 40 hours a week like normal working people.

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