I need your help and opinions please.?

This may be long so sorry. And I'm asking for mature comments only please.

So I'm an upcoming freshman in college. People see me as smart and bubbly. I have a 3.7 GPA. Play for my school's gymnastic and tennis team. Anyways, I have a boyfriend who I have been going out with for exactly a year and nine months. I've known him since the 7th grade (so he says), and am now absolutely sick of him. He downloads porn. He looks up models online.. and believe or not does his guy thing. I don't know if I'm being crazy... but to me, I don't think that's boyfriend material . And of course I still have feelings for him. For many months... I've been in situations where I found out that he flirts with girls online [even younger ones] which disgusts me. Situations where he has lied to me when I ask who he's texting. His answer: she's my cousin. I've lost 2 of my best friends because of him. My parents look down on me now. Worse is that my younger sister doesn't even want to look at me anymore. I had straight A's throughout high school... but this year I had two D's. I'm with him so much that I forget the important aspects of life. I constantly go up to him and we discuss what he's done. He says he's not flirting. He says that he loves me and that it's all that matters. I even found out that he was 'sexting' = [ talking nasty through texting ] his ex-girlfriend. I cried when I found out and he said that he was sorry and that he didn't know why he did what he did. Many many other situations similar to these but I will not name them all. I was pregnant. Made the worse decision of my life. ): Before he was so sweet... such a gentleman. He makes fun of me saying.. how I'm fat. (I know he's kidding though) I'm really not ha., calls me "Mrs. No Friends". And when he's angry oh my gosh. You don't even know what will happen. He's never actually physically abused me before but has held me down (him on top). He has held me tight and has pushed me. But never hit me. The last couples days... I've been contemplating.. I realized that I HAVE to leave him. I still want to be friends with him of course.. but since our relationship is an on and off relationship.. it is always me that is coming back to him. I really don't know why either. So I'm asking you guys.. what should I do? I can't take it anymore. He makes me feel like sh*t a lot now. I know he has lost feelings for me because of how he acts. He never was like that anymore. Please help me. How can I leave him? I can't just say "I don't want to be with you anymore".. because I have a feeling that I will come back to him.


And oh yeah. He is my first for everything.

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    You have to be very blunt and tell him you do NOT want to be his girlfriend (and maybe not even his friend, unless he straightens out).

    If you think he will become dangerous or begin stalking you, be prepared to get a restraining order and be prepared to press charges if he violates it.

    But if you are always the one who keeps going back, then you need to look deep in yourself and make the final decision that you are going to leave.

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