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Is FIT PRK 1 BIKE 2009 a good bike for me?

okay some general about me

im like 6foot

i weight 180

and my foot size is 13-14

now for the use of the bike

imma race my friends

be able to ride from mall security

also imma ride it about 2miles everyday

and im not gonna do to many tricks just simple ones(wheelie,jump off curbs)

and finally can this bike b able to hold me and my friends cause i might ride my friends from place to place it will need to hold about 300+ pounds

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    What the hell is "imma"? Nearly all BMX bikes are designed for ONE rider not two. If you have a job and dont mind spending the $ for repair and the like then go right ahead and be a taxi, not one cent comes out of my pocket.

    Source(s): PBS sales in VA
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    Meh, don't mind that other guy. I used to hitch rides on peoples' pegs all of the time. Get something sturdy like a flatland bmx bike and cheaper is always better. It will be heavier so keep that in mind, but it's not like bmx bikes are designed for outrageous speeds.

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