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does this sound like my dog has seperation anxiety?

BF is disabled, so she's usually at home with him.

I work 40hrs a week.

He took her to his parents ouse (I was sck and in bed). WHen they go there, she started crying and being really antsy.

-His parents have a very anxious, dangerous (it has bitten before, many times they don't care) dog that they don't train or excersize. Could her anxious upset behavior rubbed off on my dog?


That's the first one, the 2nd time he left her with me and she started crying as soon as he walked out the door. I waited until I herad him drive away, leashed her and we went for a run. She was fine after that.


We are looking into obedience training but she's a very sensitive dog, just adopted her in Aprl and I want her to get adjusted with us before we start. She was licking her paw until it bled when we first brought her home, she stopped doing that.

I've taken her to other people's house and never had an issue. I've even left her with my parents or my brother's house so I could run to the nice store they have nearby. They told me she never acts up there.

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    Well this is tough because it could certainly be separation anxiety after all she has been through. They sometimes lick, paws, or other things when they are stressed, I think that is a way of self soothing. I think you are right, since she doesn't act up other places, there is certainly something, dog or mother in law,, at your bf families house that is stressing her. It could be someone there reminds her of her last home and causes her stress. Shelties are becoming a more nervous breed in general. I would talk to someone running obedience classes in your area to see what they think. I wouldn't think that would help her, but maybe they know a way to calm her. Andy brings his toys to the door and window when I leave the house, that is a separation anxiety issue he still has, but I have come a long way with him. At least he doesn't puke if I leave to buy groceries anymore. You would have to be careful not to feed her anxiety either. Try search for questions as a lot of people post about separation anxiety too.

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    Have you thought she may fear the other dog?Would not leave her there again,can't be worth the stress she is exhibiting.Also sounds as if she has bonded with him,but likes you too.Obedience training is a great idea,the younger the better..just be sure it's not with someone who incorporates beatings to make them mind.Find a local trainer and ask for references.Talk to people who have used this trainer,then ask to be there during training sessions.If they object move on to another trainer,you don't have to be where you can be seen by her,but you should be able to hear and possibly watch her reactions.

    Source(s): Owner/trainer many dogs over thirty years.Took a lot of abused dogs in and they turned out to be great protectors
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