How should I tell my best friend that she is being whorish without being rude?

My best friend is just getting our of control & like we haven't hung out in awhile, because every time we do she wants to go & chill with random guys that I don't know. And now that I have a boyfriend & work I really don't have time to hang out with her like i use to & so since we aren't hanging out that much anymore she just meets new guys everywhere & before I know they have slept together & she has moved on to a new guy. I really want to tell her that she doesn't have to do that, but I don't want to seem like I'm judging her i just care about her we have been friends for 5 years now and counting. How should I tell her how I feel & not start a fight?

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    1 decade ago
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    Don't just come out and say"Hey Your Kinda Being A Whore!" My friend was just like that. I always stayed in the shadows. And i just kept telling her "Wow. Your just putting yourself out there hun!" She just laughed it off until a guy actually called her a whore. She finally realized it.

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    It is her life and she is not happy about it. Explain it to her that you are disappointed in the way she is acting. There by making her responsible for her actions

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