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Why are people so afraid of government intervention in health care?

They act like the stars and stripes are going to be replaced with the hammer and sickle.

I, for one, have no problem with the government getting involved.

I have a preexisting condition and can't get insurance and I'm sick and tired of being turned away or having to pay some outrageous extra fee all for a condition that I was born with and had no control over.

Besides, its not like private insurance will be "destroyed", look at how the Post Office competes with UPS and Fed-Ex, that's about what it'll be like.

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    I don't see a particular problem with it either. I'm sure somebody will comment about how 'it will be the end of america as we know it'. Well I sure hope so. I sure hope that if there are changes to our healthcare program that I won't have to read stories about people being decline life saving medical procedures because the insurance companies consider the procedure 'elective' or don't think you can pay them back even if you can in the long run. I once read a news article about a man who needed a bone marrow transplant. His son was a perfect match and all he needed was the procedure. He would have lived. But every insurance company turned him down. He had a good job, a nice house, two sons and a wife. Guess what? He died because the insurance company didn't want to help him so they could save an extra buck. Imagine how many families are going through that.

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    I'm truly sorry about your preexisting condition. Life is so very unfair in many areas.

    What worries me, is that perhaps in the future, under federally funded health care, parents may be advised to abort a fetus that is in danger of being born with preexisting conditions or genetic abnormalities. I'm not predicting that they will be forced into this, but I can see the government giving them the choice of a government funded abortion OR higher taxes (both for them and the child once it reaches adulthood) to cover the health care of their ill-advised child.

    It may sound far-fetched, but I think you can count on the nanny state mandating peoples behaviour and diets in the name of prevention. This country is full of people that want to control our lives already. It will only get worse when the government is paying the bill.

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    The government is doing a hell of a job running GM and the Post Office arent they? After all the Obama GM bail-outs they still post a One Billion dollar loss this quarter. And the post office has been in the red for decades. No thank you-i dont trust the government to run my health care. I could go into detail as to why and my personal reasons against it, but it would take up too much space and time here.

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    I have to go with what Russ said. Medicare and Medicaid have been destroyed by the government. The government has yet to run anything efficiently. Something like only 28 cents of each dollar paid into S.S. actually reaches a beneficiary. The rest gets lost to bureaucracy and over runs in administration. Anyway (Obama won't tell you this), several European nations have warned him not to do socialized health care because it didn't work for them.

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    Why are people so afraid of the government who gives you Bankrupt Social Security, Bankrupt Medicare and Bankrupt MedicAid? A government whose President says health insurance are making record profits when their profit margin is 1%, who says pediatricians are removing body parts unnecessarily (Tonsilectomy?), who says we can keep our health insurance when he hasn't read the House version, who hasn't read the part about special counseling for old people to encourage them to refuse treatment that is more expensive than they (the old people) are worth ?

    The Post Office does not compete with Fedex and UPS without Federal Law that forces the use of the PO if overnite is not necessary.

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    Aside from all of the problems that these people has raised, there is the problem of waiting to have a procedure done. Many people travel from canada to the US because they cannot get the procedure done in time to save their lives. I saw I video on the news today, it was a hidden camera, the receptionist was telling the patient to call a phone number, he was trying to tell her he had called it months ago, and she said it may take a year or two. He asked, "It will take a year or more to make a Dr. appointment ?" She said "probably but it's ok, because you are young and have plenty of time."

    Source(s): The government cannot do anything right, why would I want them to force me to do something that I know better than to do. Also second opinions are extremely hard to get.
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    It is unwise to put your faith in the government.

    The governments track record on health care (the VA hospitals for instance) is far less than stellar.

    -- Officials said about 3,260 patients at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Miami should be tested for HIV, hepatitis and other diseases after receiving colonoscopies with equipment that was not properly sterilized.

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    Americans clearly have no clue about how Canada's systemworks. The government does not come between you and your doctor and outrageous wait times are a myth.

    Source(s): I'm Canadian
  • Amtrak. Google it. The government still can't run it successfully.

    The United States Postal Service, can't turn a profit.

    Coincidence? I don't think so.

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    How would you like it if the government felt your life wasn't worth saving because of your pre-existing condition? That's my problem with. Who is the government to tell me what is the proper course of treatment?

    What's to stop the government from to dictating how we live our lives? If you give them an inch, they'll take a mile.

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