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guess whos coming to tcg...?


these are facts not rumors or fake reports this is real and to comemorate this event i made yubel's deck from the series

Yubel Deck

1 neos wiseman

2 E HERO Neos

2 yubel

1 yubel terror incarnate

1 yubel the ultimate nightmare

3 mystic tomato

3 grinder golem

2 phantom of chaos

1 raviel

1 hamon

1 uria

1 phantom skyblaster

1 morphing jar


1 monster reborn

1 heavy storm

2 fake hero

3 card trader

3 burden of the mighty


1 crush card

1 mirror force

2 limit reverse

3 spirit of zoma

3 metal reflect slime


3 Armityle The Chaos Phantom


3 mage power

2 fires of doomsday

1 card of safe return

1 ceasefire

2 scrap iron scarecrow

rate and fix this and if ur up to it rebuild the deck but i want to keep it around the yubel/sacred beast theme this deck is just for fun and it might win a torny someday

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    omg yubel is aswum

    srry about my lame answer

    any ways u should add a cost down or star blast sum draw cards like defence draw

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    interesting, too bad both them are pretty weak...

    Yubel deck........pretty bad.... Why are you mixing the 3 sacred beast cards. Why are you using neo wiseman, neo wiseman is slow, and not good support. theres alot of problems with this deck...

    Armityle should go to it's own deck, even then its slow....

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    and in alchemy cycal, zero hole and feind rose if you can other then that it's ok

    Source(s): Gatch'a! ^_~
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