how to have your myspace picture changing images?

on my space's you see there defult and there picture is changing, can you help me i would like to know how to do that.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's animated go here: just upload your pictures, and you can change how fast you want it to change. Hope this helps! and when you are done save it on your computer, and upload it as your myspace picture! Oh i forgot, on the side where it says 'Tools' there is a link that says create an animated gif. click that.

  • margie
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    4 years ago

    why dont u wanna upload the photograph??? this is like, the only thank you to have the photograph there and not the code. i might think of if there became right into a thank you to do what ur attempting to do, u wouldnt get the photograph there, however the code

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