Do you trust your older babies around your younger one?

Here's the thing the newborn is 2 weeks old while the older twins are 2.5 or so. I kinda don't trust the older ones around the younger with all the poking, proking, pinching and overall touching. Too fragile. Would you trust older babies around younger ones.

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    You should definetly supervise their time together since your baby is so young. My son was just shy of 13 months when my daughter was born and it was very tough in the beginning. He would hurt her, even though it was sometimes unintentional. There were also severe issues with jealousy later on, which is something that you really have to look out for. My son would try to jump in his sister's car seat when she was in it, get on my wife's lap when she was holding her. You really have to be careful for the first couple of months. Especially since you have two to look out for! Twins tend to work in teams!

    Source(s): Experienced dad with young children (including twins!)
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    4 years ago

    maximum definitly. we've a girl toddler of 14 weeks and a 5 year previous and our 5 year previous held the toddler completely. see you later as they are sitting down and supervised this could not be a undertaking in any respect. the youngsters would desire to appreciate that the babies are'nt toys and would't be thrown around. i'm particular they are be high-quality! Have a stunning photoshoot!

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    I have a 5 year old and a 2 week old newborn. I never leave them alone together. I do allow her to touch, kiss and even pick her up with my assistance of course. Now my daughter is 5 so she understands how to be gentle. I don't know about a 2 year old. You probably can't leave them alone together. They won't understand. Good luck.

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    No. At 2-4 kids really can't grasp that what they might be doing is wrong or could be bad for the baby. They might try new interesting things that you never thought about saying, don't do that! It's best to keep baby out of reach when you can't keep an eye on everyone.

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    No. Not to sound cruel, but your older babies don't understand how fragile the younger baby is. They might just think it's just another toy.

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    My son is 10 days shy of being 24mo older than my daughter...when she was born, I told him he had to be nice and he couldn't be rough with her...and he never was...I never had a problem with him hurting her..the problems started once she started walking at 9 mo! Now they are 5 and 3 and are best buds!

    I think my son always knew to be "gentle" because we have a miniture chihuahua who is 3yrs older than my son but she looks like a we always talked about being gentle and nice..

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    Allow them to have extremely supervised contact with them, dont shun them away from your newborn, allow their sybling love to grow. Encourage them to kiss and hug the new addition to your family. Dont make things too off limits or they may resent the little one.

    Source(s): Aunt (in- home "mommy's helper 24/7) of year old twin girls and seven year old girl.
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    I was always in the room with my 2.5 year old was in the room with my newborn.


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    I'm not a mom, but I am a baby sitting aunt.

    Over super vision of course.

    No way without me there.

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    Yes, my daughter was 18 months old when my son was born. She was fascinated and really wanted to help. So I gave her jobs like holding powder/diaper for me when I was changing him, checking to see if he was still sleeping etc.

    They are the best of friends now.

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