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My keyboard is messed up?

Ok, so when I press down a key on my laptop, it pops back up, but if im playing a game that I have to use constantly, I press it, it comes back up, but its stuck as if im holding it down, I have to press it a few times before it stops. But it doesn't get stuck when im typing, just when im playing a flash game or something else.

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    +It sounds as if it is NOT your hardware (keyboard) that is the problem, but instead the translating of your keyboard strokes by the game. You might try attaching a regular keyboard to your laptop and see how that works. Also, check to see which keyboard configuration you need to use for the game.

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    sounds a wee bit sticky to me try a damp cloth on it or some spirits on a cloth try reaching right under the key while pressing it fast.

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    you probably have some dirt under it...

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