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is their a way some where in windows xp to completely restore your computer to like when it was new?

i don't have a disc drive and i don't want system restore unless their is a hidden restore point in it that i can restore my computer to back when it was new.

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    Here are your options:

    1) Do you have a recovery partition on your hard drive. If so, use that if you're computer savvy.

    2) Do you have a restore point on System Restore from the day XP was installed?

    3) Get an internal or external CD/DVD drive and put the XP disc in it. Configure your BIOS to CD/DVD drive as 1st boot device.

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    If your computer came with a restore CD, you can essentially revert to the factory default installation. Some manufacturers (Dell) include the restore image on a separate partition on the hard drive. If you don't have a restore CD/partition, but you do have a WinXP CD, you can resintall the OS from scratch, but this will require installing hardware drivers separately afterwards.

  • Anonymous
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    You are out of luck unless it has a recovery partition.

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