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How much weight do you think i can lose if I do this?

I currently weigh around 110 and i want to lose some weight but mainly get stronger and look toner. I was wondering if I do this for 2 weeks, will I see any changes? By the way I am 4 feet 11 inches tall. I don''t look chunky, just average.


30 pushups

60 weight lifts (not that heavy)

150 situps/ccrunches (i vary them and stop in between)

30 lunges

30 squats

10 calf lifts

then i jog for 10 minutes.

then i do some stuff that get's my heart pumping for about 20 more minutes.

this usually lasts me about 1 hour everyday.

so if i do this everyday for 5-6 times a week for 2 weeks, will i see changes? i'm kind of impatient. also any recceomendations would be nice thank you!

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    You definitely should see some results within two weeks. Try not to get your hopes up too much though. It takes a fairly long time to get really toned. I did start to notice more definition within two weeks, but it was faint.

    However, if you combine your workout schedule with a balanced, healthy diet then I have no doubt it will work within two weeks. If you need tips and advice on a healthy diet feel free to email me.

    Hope I helped and good luck!!

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