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My Bones are cracking?

I am a 26yr physically active female and since I can remember, about 7, probably earlier, my bones crack. When I walk, my feet involuntary crack, when I take a deep breath my upper back cracks, my hips cracks, etc. It is not painful when this happens, but I am concerned if this is normal or should I see a doctor about this. Also, my mother feet cracks when she walks, so I don't know if its hereditary. Can someone give me some advice on what this might be?

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    My bones crack all the time. It can be embarrassing and my friends joke about it, but it is who I am, I am noisy. While I do have my fair share of medical problems, there is nothing wrong that is causing my bones to crack. Some people say that since I am so thin it is easier to hear them crack, and I do have joint inflammation which can add to it I think. But it isn't going to harm me. Hope this helps.

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