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should i hook back up?

its about my ex girlfriend. i dated her for six months and i liked her so much and she dumped me for her best friends guy and dated him for a month a now is dating someone else. i still like her but i dont think i should cause everyone says she'll just hurt me again. i told her i still like her without thinking and shes thinking of getting back together. i thought just go ahead and date her but dont get close cause she might cheat but i dont know what to do. if she does want to date again should i?

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    sorry babe she sounds like a whore. i mean she goes from one guy to the next and u still think she might cheat on you. when u date someone the point is to get close because u want a good relationship. if ur not going to get close and be afraid that she might cheat on u then forget her because there is no trust in ur relationship and it can never work.

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    yeah you should bc you obviously still like her

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