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What is the normal oxygen level for smokers?

My friend is hooked to a machine for over night to test her oxygen levels. The top number on her oxygen machine reads 97 over 66 is this bad or normal? And.. Why is the doctor testing this?

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    Tell her to quit smoking. She'll just end up getting blood clots and losing her whole leg.

    Source(s): Happened to my grandma...she smoked for a long time.
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    If it has two numbers one over the other it has nothing to do with oxygen.. that is her blood pressure and is a little low, but not too low for someone who is sleeping. A normal oxygen saturation is more than 90% It is called the O2 sat on most machines and is just one number. Definitely 66% is not her O2 sat because they would have put her on an oxygen machine immediately.. that is close to death.

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    The 97 is her oxygen saturation level. 97% is very good. The 66 is her pulse. That's why the machine is called a pulse oximeter.. It takes your pulse and O2 Saturation levels.

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