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What are the downs of having your belly button pierced ?

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    Well whoever wrote "people will think you're skanky" well they clearly aren't in this century. cause everyone has it done. it isn't 'skanky'. for the most part it's only seen in the summer.

    But back to your question. I have my belly button pierced & i love it. But there are some downsides.

    -First it can get infected easily. But it will also heal easily, if you treat it properly.

    -Second if you play sports, they might make you take it out.

    I'm a cheerleader, & most coaches (for cheering at least) make you take it out for games and practices.

    I'd still suggest you get it ! it's very cute & fun (:

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    So what are the main dangers of belly button piercings? According to the Children's Hospital of Boston's Center for Young Women's Health, the risks vary widely. These include bacterial infection, excessive bleeding, pain, scar tissue (including thick, discolored Keloid scars), nerve damage, and/or allergic reactions to the metal in the jewelry. If you decide to go ahead, there are ways to avoid these dangers to belly button piercings.

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    You can't swim in chlorine water for a few weeks or so, if the ring is dangling, it will most likely get caught in jeans, infection is almost guaranteed, and it may scar or the hole may stretch and look ugly.

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    it makes my belly button look strange when i take it out. it will leave a scar one day probably

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    um nothing really lol, you just got to keep up with cleaning it and like the other person said if you get a dangly one it could get caught on things. and it does not hurt to get it done

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    It can get caught on things

    It hurts to get it peirced

    You might not like it

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    if its dangly it sometimes gets caught on things.

    it hurts to get done

    thats seriously it lol

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    They can get infected easily, but i think that its worth it.

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    all of the above-plus, imagine when u grow old & ur skin starts sagging-eew!

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    It will hurt and people will think you're a skank.

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