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If I jump on my trampoline in warm clothing, will I burn calories?

And how many calories do you think I would burn? Lol thanks I was thinking of jumping for 30 minutes to 1 hr

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    Well jumping on a trampoline burns about 100 calories for a 100 pound person and around 230 for a 200 pound person. (each for 54 minutes) Knowing that some exercises are done at higher temperatures to help burn more calories I would assume you could add a few more calories, but I do not know how much. Also, remember that doing exercises at a higher temperature causes you to sweat more, so you could be losing water weight. Make sure you stay hydrated.

    P.S. I bet you could really burn some calories if you jumped roped on a trampoline. Jump roping burns about 300 calories in 45 minutes for a 100 pounds person, and 600 for a two hundred pound person.

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    Trampolining is the moment quickest calorie burner on the earth! (handiest speedy skipping just like the boxers do is quicker). If you desire to reduce weight, tone up and difference your form, be taught a few actions and do exercises as this makes use of extra muscular tissues than simply leaping. like: Tuck leap, seat drop, again drop one million/two twist out, straddle leap, swivel hips, tuck leap, entrance drop, complete twist leap, again drop. Depending on how well you're at the trampoline, you'll positioned a whole lot of actions in combination and burn two times as many energy.

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