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Opinions on Harry Potter Half Blood Prince (only people who have read the book)?

I know it strayed a lot from the book. Does anyone know why they put the attack on the Burrow in the movie? I thought Lavender was pretty good, but in the movie she's only with Ron a couple of times. I thought the cave scene was really good, and the death eater's entrances were pretty cool. One thing I didn't like was that Draco Malfoy trying to kill Dumbledore was not as big of a secret, it basically told you everything before the tower scene, while in the book, it is a huge surprise. Any one else's opinions? Overall, I liked it, but I think it ruined the book.

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    actually i like the burrow scene. and i agree with chealse about the thing about draco. the only thing i don't like is that they removed the battle in the end. because the purpose of the vanishing cabinet and the comming of death eaters on hogwarts became pointless. becuse their purpose is to destroy hogwarts. and the horcrux(not the memories) because they did not tell harry about the 4 objects from the founders. how is harry supposed to know what he will be looking for?

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    I didn't think Draco being sent to kill dumbledore was a big surprise in the book. Snape killing Dumbledore was the twist.

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