What would be better/safer?

I'm expected to go into labor anytime now. So my question is, if I'm one of the few who's water breaks, should I be driven to the hospital (it's an hour and a half away) or should I go in an ambulance?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Have someone drive you in your car, especially if your rescue squad is operated by volunteers. If they are volunteer, they will take too long to respond and you could be half way there by the time the ambulance gets to your house. Also, you're used to the germs in your car, you're not used to the ones in the ambulance...

    You might consider getting a hotel room for a few days closer to the hospital if you know you should go any day now.

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    Drive, It'll Be Faster Then Waiting For An Ambulance. My Mom Had 6 Kids And Was Driven Every Time

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    I've done it both ways...but I didn't have to go an hour and a half to the hospital. Wow. I don't know your history...but if it were me (I had my babies FAST), then I'd want an ambulance to take me, just in case something unexpected happened during that hour and a half.

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    if its that far away i wouldnt risk driving i would get an ambulance, theres an increase in infection to the baby after your water has broken even if the baby dosnt come for hours later. but i wouldnt worry to much as its relativly rare for your water to break at home like that. good luck!

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    1 decade ago

    first off to jenn how is it relatively rare for your water to break at home like that??????????? my waters broke at home

    i would go by car, have anything in the car from now so when it happens u just have to get in also have i towel on the seat ready and a extra one in the back.

    once in the car call the hospital and let them know

    but if u start having pain before ur waters break go then...

    my baby was born 2hrs 7mins from when my waters broke

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    better to call an ambulance, if you deliver withing the hour your getting there it will be at least with people who are prepared for this.

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    1 decade ago

    well the best option is to start driving towards the hospital, then call 911 and tell them to meet you halfway (give them the address of where to meet and make sure youll be there) and then meet them there. thats the quickest way.

    hope i helped

  • Drive. I also live 1.5 from the hospital and the Dr's don't seem to be concerned at all.

  • 1 decade ago

    i would drive. if you get into trouble in route you can call for it. you should have a midwife or a dola to help you too.

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