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What should i do... Am i pregnant...?

ok so i have this menstrual calendar app on my itouch and i had unprotected sex on one of my "fertile" days (this happened last week) and for the past two days i feel like i've been peeing a lot more than usual, i haven't really been drinking a lot and i am afraid that i may be pregnant. what should i do?

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    ok..1)the one who answered before me..?

    that was not needed. rude much?

    and 2. well its only been a week. lets see how the next few weeks go. if you start to get the symptoms and you've missed your menstrual cycle then maybe then u should take a test. for now maybe something else is making you go pee alot. hopefully things go the way you want:)

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    ok this is gunna come as a big surprise....ready....GET A FREAKING TEST!

    Source(s): why do ppl always ask this???!
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