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Help with "escape the realistic room"?

I have got to the point where i have to get the keys from the two wall panels with a bunch of different couloured lights, but don't know what i'm meant to do.

pulling my hair out, need a helping hand.


I'm out, yeah!

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    you use the gold brick to hold up the loose plank. use the pocket knife to cut the string thing. the plank comes loose and you get whatever is inside. i cant remember exactly what's in there lol

    use the pocket knife on the outlet to unscrew the cover. then pry it off. there's something inside. dont remember what. i think it's the recorder thing. maybe?

    to open the safe - the laser displays a bunch of seemingly random numbers and letters when flashed on a wall or something. XX refers to the XX = 14 in a note. the letters (L & R) correspond to the the direction you turn the wheel for the number before it. make sense? dont remember what's in the safe. maybe that's the recorder? hah

    oh, and the "little button things" are actually batteries for the laser.

    when you get the wrench thing, use it to take the bolts off the chair.

    go to the recorder thing and start by pressing play. you'll here beeps. start with the first EQ. move it to the top and press play. if it sounds the same, lower it once. eventually, the first beep will sound different. repeat for each EQ. then click eject, and it will open to give you a note. click on the speaker from the inside and you'll get a magnet which you can use to magnetize the wrench thing to get the batteries out of the holes from where the chair was bolted to the floor. the batteries go in the black light.

    look around the room in dark places with the black light to get the remaining letter/number combos for the letter/number grid. 4 are in a note. three are in shadows. 1 is on the gold brick. remember to switch around the letters in GOOD LUCK. just look at that letter with the black light to understand how to arrange them. then just plop the coordinates onto the grid and you will get the key. oh yeah, to find the letter/number grid, look on the wall (where the briefcase is) with the black light. you'll see the outline in the middle.

    for the puzzle with the colored lights - if you look at the buttons with the black light, you'll see each button corresponds to the notes on a piano. (fortunately i can play piano, but if you cant, look up a picture with the letters written on the notes). if you look inside the briefcase, you'll see 4 letters with different colors behind them. the letters refer to the notes of the piano (which button to press), and the colors obviously refer to which color to make that specific note. do that, and you'll get the key.

    now, for the grid with 9 buttons and a space bar-like button...use the black light to look at the cube. see how each color corresponds to a face of a die? remember what colors go to what number. start by clicking the space bar button 5 times. write down the order of the colored lights that appear when you press it. the 6th color is obviously the left over that you havent written down yet. now, seeing that each color corresponds to the spots on a die, use that information, AND the order of colors you wrote down to solve the puzzle. there are 9 spots you can light up, but you need to make it look like the face of a die for the specific color you are on before you click space. that doesnt really sound like it makes sense, but it does in my head. and it's 5AM and im tired. hah

    you'll figure it out.

    i did.

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    K this game is also gettin on my nerves. If u click behind the briefcase on the floor ur gonna find a small silver key. Use that key in the same spot where u get the little button thing from the human anatomy pic. Thats gonna give u the key to the briefcase. The briefcase has a swiss army knife which you can use to open the little message in a bottle and a cube with various colors which im sure is for the color coded panel door in the wall (im color blind so im struggling with that) along with a few other things. So thats where im pretty much stuck at. Took the knife part of the swiss army to the electrical outlet, unscrewed the screws with a diff tool on the swiss army and got another stupid silver button thing. Im totally lost at this point.

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    Lol im playing it too! I've found 5 clues so far.

    Under the chair.

    Inside the 2 sliding doors in the wall. --2 clues here.

    On the lower left side of the "human anatomy" drawing.

    Lower right hand side next to the door.

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    to the right on the floor where the suitcase is theres a squeaky loose wood plank..its so confusing!

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    i have moved the chair gotten everything out of the safe and now I am stuck......this game is so irritating

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    im having the same problem.

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