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Malayasians ,Can someone help uNcLe MutHu with this pribahasa?

How to be an Ulat Buku .

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    uncle muthu be same like me Ulat Buku

    hari-hari pegang buku baca sedikit banyak ilmu,

    lama dulu Tun Mahathir kata tanamkan semangat membaca kepada rakyat Malaysia

    Habuk pun taraa! sebab rakyat Malaysia tidak suka membaca hanya suka berkata-kata

    Itulah masalahnya bila timbul bencana Kerajaan dipersalahkan Sebenarnya siapa? diri sendiri ler..

    orang suruh membaca kita sebok mengata

    apa nak kata itu rakyat Malaysia.

    secret Ulat Buku:

    read play boy/play girl for the starter (for starter must always human biology)

    read the jokes and riddles for salad/soup (must be a jokes or riddles for brain)

    read the politics Malaysia for the main course (for your safety if come the crazy political we died example Hitler)

    than for dessert just check your IQ (just to recall back what you understand than you can talk same like Ulat Buku reality, truth and facts)

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    read a lot-to get a brain of ulat buku

    eat a lot to get into the ideal shape of an ulat buku

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    a person who like to read is Ulat Buku my mom one of them

  • makan the ulat inside the buku

    Source(s): black pepper ulat buku
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    find rotten book, you will find ulat buku. then, you must submit your application form at the largest ulat.

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    First you need to look like an ulat.

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    1. Find a book you are interested with.

    2. Burn the book, turn it in to ashes.

    3. Mix it in a glass of water.

    4. Finally, drink it

    There you go, you found your perfect solution.......

    Just joking. 2 words...


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    read book every day and be a nerd

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