Capricorn best match....?

What is the Capricorns perfect match , compatible matches , and worst matches and worst match ever.


I've been attracted to a Scorpio , Gemini , cancer , and , an Aquarius. The scorpio and the gemini liked me back. The cancer makes fun of me and the aquarius is mean & is a player...The scorpio is more like me. The gemini is too flirtatious and way too loud for me.

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    listen to black mamba, he's never wrong.

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    The best match for a Capricorn would be a Cancer. Capricorns want someone who they can trust & have an easy going relationship with. They also like to laugh. Cancer can fufill all those needs.

    Compatible matches would be: Taurus, Pisces, Scorpio (as long as they don't get jealous), Libra, & Gemini

    Okay Matches: Aquarius, Virgo, & Sagittarius

    BAD matches: Aries

    Worst Match Ever: (witnessed this a billion times) Leo.

    Leo just stomps all over a sensitive Capricorn & they're irratable so sometimes (99% of the time) They aren't in the mood for Cap's playing around.

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    1 decade ago

    The best match for Capri is a Virgo, followed by a Taurus.

    Then one can go deeper into the Horoscope.

    Cancerians may attract. But later you may find them irritating. You will get on with them but not be able to live with them.

    Aqua is OK if you have some strong Aqua traits, like a Aqua Rising or Moon. Same with a Gemini. Or even a Scorpio or Leo.

    Try test some Virgo or Taurus. You will find you may not like some things, but you will tend to ignore those and like the person in spite of those faults.

    Source(s): Linda Godmen, Susan Miller and experience.
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    Definitely a Scorpio.

    They both radiate a powerful aura and can match eachother on so many different levels. They can understand eachother completely with just a glance- no words needed.

    Scorpio is intrigued by the whirlwind of emotion under Capricorn's flawless mask, and Capricorn in return is fascinated by the mystery of the Scorpio. They find eachother enigmatic and oh so exciting ;)

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    Most compatible with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio

    Can be good with Leo, Aquarius, Pisces, Sagittarius

    A 50-50 chance with Gemini, Leo, Capricorn

    Doubtful with Aries, Cancer, Libra

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    it's Scorpio.

    Virgo can be amazing friends but the sex is not good but Scorpio and Capricorn = amazing sex! :D

    but you should also check your other aspects because you can be an excellent match with any sign. just do the compality test. ;)

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    from your list, I would say scorpio.

    i dated three exes from cancer... it was horrible match.

    one of them, I dated for 4 years. after that, I would never date cancer sign ever again. attraction is fine but common... you gotta live your life happy.

    Gemini is too much for cap and Aquarius has so many flaws.

    Source(s): capricorn
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    Cancer is actually one of the worst matches. I will copy and paste an experience I had with a Cap.

    Terrible. But he had issues and any man can have issues.. one minute I'm his friend then I'm his girl. After a short time he started putting me down for having a child young, not being in school ( I was to attend in fall), being unemployed ( I have had interviews and am actively searching) yet he would still put me down for what I didn't have, and for a lot of past mistakes, which I didn't understand you can coulda,woulda, shoulda all day but it is what it is and you have to deal with right now. He would rant and lecture about single parents, having kids, absentee fathers, going to school and being a productive citizen. Even telling me my child's future wasn't bright because of me being a single parent.. that was the breaking point.He would try to make me jealous like when on the phone with me making a comment about a female saying "now thats a real woman!" and comparing me to other women who were independent and doing well. I just didn't respond. I cut him off and just stopped talking to him, and months later he called asking why I told him and he denied ever saying some of the things he did. I still didn't talk.. after awhile I'm sure he noticed he was the only one calling, and texting me. Finally, he sent me a text accusing me of talking **** about him on myspace. I never ever wrote ANYTHING about him or anyone else for that matter on my myspace. He couldn't even come at me with a date and time or any specific information as to what I really said. So I let everything out I been holding back and yeah it came out really harsh but it was the truth. We now don't speak and he tells our mutual friend we were never talking, even though we all know its a lie. He denies ever being with me in any way. I will never ever go for a Cap again. I saw that we were opposites and went for it anyway cause I know a horoscope compatibility can only go so far but this time it was accurate. But like I said he has some serious issues about his own child hood thats why he felt so strongly about the single parent, absentee fathers, kids, and other issues.. he felt he needed to lecture me on. He even tried to tell me how I FEEL about one of my ex's. LOL.. Just take it slow. Real slow. I meant to add, I feel he may even be turning some people against me, but they aren't worth having anyway if they can easily be swayed by someone else who barely knows me. But yeah, one mutual friend we had isn't talking to me and an acquaintance we had I no longer have contact with either.

    Source(s): Cancer/Leo Moon Scorpio Rising.
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    Capricorn worst match is Leo, LMAO

    Source(s): Eric Foreman
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    not just depends on the person. the theory of horoscopes are only accurate most of the time, not 100%. Just get to know the person. My sister and her husband are the two most opposing signs out there *Aries and Libra* and they still are deeply in love with each other and have two children....odd, huh?


    Jesus was a Capricorn....just something interesting...

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    opposites attract so cancers [:

    I'm a cancer

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