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What are some fun things i can do with a laptop? Please answer!?

Well, I plan to stay up the rest of the night, since my flight is in 4 hours. I AM SOOOO BORED. what can i do with my laptop, like fun stuff. cause i am 13, and i want some fun games, or something funny to watch. please answer. There is seriously nothing to do. please! :(

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    you can watch a bunch of movies on Youtube, like beauty and the beast, hunchback of notre dame, mulan, pocohantas, annie, etc. they come in sections i. e. type in mulan part 1 and while that's loading, open a new window and load part 2 while you watch part 1. when you finish watching part 1, load part 3 in the first window and watch part 2 in the second window, and so on. (sorry if this is confusing, it's rather hard to explain without a visual aid) also, you can email all your friends and be crazy and insane... :D oh yeah, also go to they have lots of quizzes, games, etc. have a good flight!! :)

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    Does your laptop OS have games installed? Apparently you have a Internet connection, how about online card games like spades, hearts, or something similar. Or, you could IM your boyfriend and chat with him for a while?

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    try this website for just about any film or show

    and this one for games

    hope ya find something to amuse yourself

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