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I heard a new psychiatrist I will be seeing does not prescribe benzos, will he prescribe them to extreme cases?

of agoraphobia and panic attacks though?

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    Probably not. I know doctors who won't prescribe benzos and doctors who won't prescribe opiates and what they will tell you is that if you have symptoms extreme enough to require these drugs you should be in the ER or inpatient. Benzos are really not good drugs for treating these disorders. There is plenty of research that shows that they lose the efficacy after 6 weeks or so when you are taking them 3 times a day and if you don't keep uping the dose the only thing that is going to make a patient benefit from them is a placebo effect. There are people who have been on Ativan for 20 years at the same dose, but if you took those drugs away they probably wouldn't have any change in their symptoms. I was once on a routine of 2mg Ativan every 2 hours while I was inpatient and it did nothing. That is because I had been taking 6mg a day for over 5 years. You build up a tolerance quickly and then you are out of luck. These drugs are not the answer. They only work if you take one dose once or twice a week like I do with Valium to treat my essential tremors. Taking them 3 times a day is just senseless.

    Source(s): And aren't you the guy who has been posting for the last year about abusing barbiturates and opiates and asking the other day if it is illegal to double dip xanax and valium prescriptions from 2 different doctors?
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