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How do i get acting experience?

I live in Toronto and i would really love to get on shows like Degrassi and Life With Derek but i need an agent. In order to get an agent, i need experience which i dont have. Im 13 years old, what can i do to get acting experience?

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    start by doing school shows, or community shows. Take a drama class. The rumors arn't true, theater people are VERY accepting. :)

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    If your school has a theatre/drama program, get into it or just audition for plays with your school; or if your community has a community theatre, audition for plays there. If you want to go to acting classes right away, look up on google or wherever some places where acting classes are held and check them out.

    Good luck!

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    Do school plays and try and see if they have any actting classes around your area! They are fun and can get you experience too!

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