Can you help me do a formal letter, 10 pts?

I would like to get a school loan in my University but I am not confident with me English writing. Can you please help me make a formal letter?

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    here's the formal letter format:

    good luck! i hope you get the loan ;)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dear __________________,

    Upon entering ______ University I have faced challenges that were met and exceeded by the staff and faculty on premises. You have all been a great help for putting a sturdy foundation on my education and I appreciate that. One challenge I have found difficult to grapple with was that of finance, and being able to afford the privelege of this school. If there is any way that I may be applicable to receiving a loan please notify me, your help for my future is very appreciated. Thank-you!

    From, ___________

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