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training kitten that bites, scratches, and attacks?

About two weeks ago, we got a kitten from the shelter. The kitten attacks everything that moves, which I think is normal for kittens. But what's not funny is how the kitten will run up and sink it's teeth into your nose if you're reading the paper, or run up your leg and claw you, drawing blood. It sound funny, but I have cuts and scratches all over. What can I do? We bought a scratching box. Should we be shooting the kitten with water when he does this? Are kittens old enough to understand?

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    It's best to try and control that behavior early. Kittens are very hyper and any punishment given usually is returned by them attempting to try it another way. Like kids, haha. You don't wan them to fear you, but you want the behavior to stop. You could use spray bottle, a can to rattle at them, or get one of the laser light pens. That wore my cats out when they were kittens. IF you kitten still bites you after a good amount of playing you can try the scruff technique. Since the mom picks the up by their scruff you can do that to assert yourself.

    I forgot to add. Pick them up the scruff to remove them from you, not to hurt them or anything. Just show that you are bigger so you won't be picked on.

    Good luck, like I said, the laser pen usually wears them out.

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    At this point trying to train a kitten is kind of like trying to train a one year-old human baby. Do not tap or thump the kitten in the nose - it does nothing but teach your kitten to be hand shy.

    However, you need to make sure the kitten has toys such as balls, furry mice, etc. so it can do a lot of running around. It's also important that you do not use your hands to play with the kitten. Use a feather tickler or something on a stick so that the kitten will play with that an dnot human body parts.

    One toy that is great for kittens is called a Turbo Scratcher. It is a large disk with a cardboard scratcher in the middle and a ball going around a track on the edge. My rescue kittens LOVE this thing and will play with it for ages. They get totally pooped out and will fall asleep on it.

    Also, get some little kitty nail scissors and start cutting this child's nails. It will take the sharpness of the claws if you do get popped by the Satan Child it won't be as painful. It's also good training for when the kitten gets older and requries regular nail trimming.

    Lastly, please make sure you get this baby spayed/neutered by the time its six months old so you can prevent the birth of unwanted kittens.

    Just hang in there - once your kitten has gone through the feline version of the terrible twos things will improve.

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    Water gun is a good idea, when my kitty does that i grab her behind the neck as this calms them and firmly tell them NO, in a different tone of voice to what you would usually talk. This can be very stressful i know but losing your temper will not help, you need to be consistant with the water gun and the NO! Good luck!

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    The kitten doesn't understand. Make sure it has toys to chew on. When it attacks you make a loud noise like "OW!" or say "NO!" really loudly. Spray it with a bottle or tap it on the nose. Sometimes snapping your fingers in front of them works.

    I know what your going through. Our kitten attacks our legs or arms when she's very hyper. We're trying to teach her to not bite us.

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    Get a spray bottle and everytime she does something you don't like spray her...she will learn quick! Only use the spray bottle for negative enforcement. give her a treat when she does something you want her to do! Never hit her anywhere on her body...expecilly the face

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    When the cat does something bad just do something to let it know you don't like it and sooner or later it will stop but don't be really harsh to it because then it might not get nicer.

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    do not play with a kitten with your bare hands ot he/she will think it is fine to play with your hands. also the spritzing will help[ if you remember to say in a loud voice "no." that way the will be trained to do as you say. Remember to give them a treat when they do as you say.

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