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how can i convince my mom for a cell phone?

I need a few reasons cause i have been dying for one. i have enough cash to pay. i am willing to pay. i've tried telling her that but she doesn't think that i can pay monthly. the price is 30 bucks a month and i make 40 a month allowance. is that enough>? i have tried to convince her. but just cant. can i please have some reasons to tell her why i need a cell phone?

i currently have 100 dollars and my bday is in october. that means i'll get about 120 more dollars and birthday money. that means that i will probably have about 300 dollars. thats enough to buy a cell phone and pay for a while. can i plz plz have some suggestions

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    Well, have your mom read my post.

    I got a cell phone when I was 14, and my mom didn't agree with me that I should even have one because it's a "waste" of money. After months of asking, she finally got me one so I would shut up. Since then my moped has broken down 4-5 times and I live out in the country where no one is around for 1-2 miles. Its not fun having to walk a mile to someones house to ask if you can use their phone. Its helpful whenever your friends want to hang out. My mom has LOVED my cell phone ever since. Trust me, they are very nice to have. Just make sure you get a good one...Mine broke just a month ago :(

    Try this...set up a deal where you pay $15 a month, and your mom pay the other $15. Then you don't have to use all your money, and you can put some in the bank and save for something you want.

    They are also REALLY good to have in emergency situations and lots of other things. Trust me, your mom will like the idea that you get a cell phone IF you don't abuse using it. Don't go over on minutes or texting, because that plain sucks. I had a 40 dollar bill the one month because I went over 400 texts :(

    Make sure you watch your minutes and texting.

    Hope you get one!

    -Mike :)

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    Play on the emergency aspect, don't go overly dramatic, but tell her how much safer you and her would feel if you had one.

    When approaching her about the subject, present it in a mature manner, playing on all the facts and benefits of a cell phone. Have a defense ready for any downsides she may play on, and do a little research to show her. Also, if she still says no, do not get whiny, simply wait until the next day and try it all again. Do NOT pester, parents and people in general can't stand that.

    If she still says no, ask for a time line, perhaps your birthday, it is a good excuse. Make negotiations, promise all B's or A's on your next report card or do extra chores around the house, follow cliche's here, they will help, but again, don't go over the top, because she will expect you to keep your promise and if you don't then bye bye cell phone.

    Hope I helped.

    Source(s): dozens of phones, and years of maturity?
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    Your 40 bucks a month allowance isn't going to cut it. If you have 100 dollars now and in October you will get 120 more that's 220 dollars not 300. Why don't you get a job and show your mom that you are responsible and willing to work for it?

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    the way I convinced my mom for a phone was that i asked her what would i do if something bad happened and she wasn't around...say at school and they forgot to pick me up (personal experience and really did happen) or if i got into a car accident with another of my family members and they didn't have their cell phone.

    and make sure that you explain to her that you understand that it's a responsibility that you're willing to take on and that you'll make all the payments that you're able to make on time. hopefully this helps, good luck!

    Source(s): personal experience
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    You tell her that you need the cell phone you are in school and she need to get in contact with you after school if you want to hang out with your friends and tell you have good grades and you deserve a cell phone

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    how old are you? it kinda bugs me that kids in elementary school have phones cuz they really dont need one

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