How many types of dragons are there?

I'm really interested when it come to dragons. I was wondering just how many types there were. I know of the sea dragon, so, what else is there?

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    European-style dragon, wyvern (no front legs), wyrm (no legs), Quetzalcoatl, and Chinese-style (no wings, 4 legs, loves water).

    If you're talking about the Dungeons and Dragons type, then there are typically two types: chromatic and metallic. Chromatic dragons are colored black, blue, green, red, or white, and are generally evil. Metallic dragons are colored brass, bronze, copper, gold or silver, and are generally good.

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    It depends it varies from region and belief.

    there's the classic European dragons (wyvrens, wurms, etc.) that vary by the number of legs, if they have wings, what they spit (fire, poison, water/ice)

    Asian dragons mainly the Chinese and Japanese including imperial dragons.

    There are also Vedic, Persian, Semitic and dragons from many other countries. The Aztecs even had Quetzalcoatl who's a feathered serpent, but that's still dragon-ish.

    Dragons have also been classified be color.

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    Asking how many Dragon types is like asking How many cultures are there.

    Every country/culture has their own mythology about things like Dragons, although they may be known as a different name.

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    there are as many different types of dragons as there are cultures of the world and stories surrounding them. Literally thousands.

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