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"City of bones" by Cassandra clare?? SPOILERS?

Okay Im really confused at what the story was at the end of the book so tell me if im right.

Valentine went to the same school as joc, luke, and hodge. Valentine formed a club that seeked to hate and kill downworlders ( magical folk)

after Valentines father died he fell in love with Joc and they got married. then luke got turned into a warewolf and so valentine told him to kill himself because he was in so much pain of the transformation. then luke ran off and became the leader of a wolfpack when Joc came to look for him and since luke left the circle, joc and him secretly met up. Then when they had the uprising on the day of the accords, luke and his wolf pack jumped in and killed some of the circle, leaving hodge, valentine, blackwell, the lightwoods and so on. But during it valentine took joc and told her she would regret betraying him and made it look like their house was burned down along with the bones of her parents and their child, jonathon (Glamour) and then left with jonathon and raised him in the country under the name of micheal wayland. while hodge was cursed to never set foot out of an institution in NY and The lightwoods werent as badly punished.

But then Valentine had to stage a second death because someone knew who he really was, tricking his son (which turned out to be jace) that he was dead and sent him to hodge for his own protection, while joc was pregnant with clary and refused to live in idris and tried to hide the world from her all from the mourning of her son, Jace being killed, who isnt rly dead.

Then joc heard valentine was not dead and was still wanting the mortal cup. so she was captured by valentine. Clary and jace finally find the cup, while falling in love (weird) and hodge ends up working for valentine????

okay thats all i know. can someone plz explain who hodge was working for and wtf happened? lol


haha thanks, i was hoping they werent

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    Hodge is really a bad guy, and so is the crow he has. They were spying on them the whole time. So yea he works for Valentine. Just read the other two books. Alot happens between then and where you are.


    Jace and Clary arnt really brother and sister.

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    Hodge was working for Valentine secretly.

    I know that part was really confusing.

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