what am i supposed to do about this? it hurts me too much?

im sorry but this is going to be really long. but i need help really bad.

I tried really hard to get this guys attention. Well. I finally did. I have his email and I texted him a lot before I left for summer vacation. Since he became bored, he started texting a friend. Now they are close friends and he tells her everything. When I was in the plane, I got this text that said I love you from him. I was confused until he said that it was for another girl. So I started crying in the second airport. Then before I went to the first airport, he said he was going to miss me. So I was hopeful that he might like me so when he said the text was for another girl, it hit me really hard. I tried to forget about it for a while. T I was talking to that friend, lets called her Bella, on msn and she was bragging about how close they were and stuff. I asked her what they talked about and she said me. From there, I became hopeful again. He was asking her why I kept looking at him, why I was so obsessed with him and stuff like that. She made up stuff. I told Bella about the text and she made me feel really bad so I started crying.

Bella found out i was crying and she told the guy i liked. The guy i like, lets call him bobby, was like, omg I feel bad, but she’s pathetic. After that, she texted me and was like btw bobby is worried about you. he got his internet back and got online. He was like are you ok? And I was like yh. Bella sent me her convo with bobby. she was trying to guess who he liked and he was like she’s from your school. So she was like, oh (my name)! He was like" my god!" I don’t know what it means but bella said it was like **** NO.

after that it all went south. i found out that he likes one of my best friends. i mean i was SO hopeful that he might like me and then DAMN its alll taken away from me.

then on another convo, bella asked bobby if he would care if i was dating someone else, all he said was "do u think i care?" damn well that hurt.

why did bella even show me all this if she KNEW it was going to hurt me hugh?

the worst thing is that the guy is REALLLY hot/cute and stuff.

later we were playing truth or dare with a bunch of other people and some1 asked him who he wanted to be his roommate and he said me. then he logged offf. he has being sending mixed signals and he has hurt me a LOT.

now bobby doesnt like my best friend anymore. he said it was because he thinks of himself as a playboy. everyone is telling me to ask him out. idk if i should. his best brother told me to ask him out to.

i dont noe wat to do.

wat do u think???

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    1 decade ago
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    STAY AWAY! I have been in this same situation. Bella seems like a *****, no effence, and bobby is just a player, he wants to see how many girls he get get worked up over him, then dump them. My best friend did this to me, he dated my best friend, then dated my other best friend, then he threw me a bone, and i was really hopeful, then he said he didnt want to date, and he was with someone the next day, but he likes me so i should wait around, girl you dont mess with their type. Find a nice guy who is nice, and is faithful, and isnt aiming for a record of gf's over the year k? I know it hurts to try and drop someone really close, i have done it. Find someone else, i dont know how much i can stress this k?

    hope i helped you...:)

    Source(s): my experience from hell
  • 1 decade ago

    Don't ask him out. You said yourself that he's already hurt you a lot. He's just going to do it again. Either he's going to reject you, or you guys will go out and wind up breaking up. He sounds like a player and he's not worth your time. Even if you're really really stuck on him, try your best to forget about him!

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