i have a small tomato garden i live in an apartment and i have it in a window box but it is dying help!!!?

it was doing good and it grew very fast then i noticed a few blooms that looked like tomatoes maybe coming but then then next morning alot of the leaves had died and had spots on them so i want to know how can i save what do i do? I am new to gardening but i have been taking care of it really well and the plant itself smells like tomatoes really strong so it i think it may be still possibly growing tomatoes. I hope it is still o.k. please be specific !! thanks btw thwy are like taking over my patio will the vines get bigger?

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago

    Tomatoes are really heavy feeders, a window box might not have enough nutrients. If the leaves arent deep green try a folier fertilizer like spray-n-grow. also see if you have anything chomping away at the stems. Or check and see if the roots got too hot and cooked along the inside edge of the box. Window box gardening is very water and fertilizer intensive since you have to compensate for less soil and more temperature extremes.

    Source(s): sucessful windowbox gardener
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