I recently bought a brand new laptop, but was it a good choice?

I recently bought an HP-dv7-2185dx with a Q9000 quad core processor. I've heard that it will be a really long time until there are programs that can utilize all four cores. I want to know if this was a good investment since I bought it for $1300 with plans to keep it for 4 years or so. I plan to do some video editing, schoolwork, and some gaming. I want to know if I should have chosen a core 2 duo or a quad processor. Thanks in advance for you opinions.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    For your purposes, you overbought. I assume it is an Intel based computer, and most likely, its going to generate too much heat. You cannot run some 32Bit applications, and the ones that do run, are slow, and you cannot run 16 bit, this will cause problems. It was a bad investment. Most likely, there will never be programs for 4 cores, and if there is, it wont be in the lifespan of your PC. A core duo would have been a better choice because it would have been better on power. The battery life of your computer will be around 1.5-2h at the start, but in a month, it will be under 20 minutes. In a year, the battery will not charge. The computer may support quad, but quad cores are ahead of battery technology.

    If i were you, i would return it and buy a 800$ Core 2. If you really want insane looking games (i mean, the only game that needs a quad is crysis), then you should get a desktop.

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