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what what the first tower buit in Chicago?

i was there on tuesday and i asked my dad but he had no clue so i hope you can help :)!

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    If you are asking for Chicago's first skyscraper, it was the Home Insurance Building. Built in 1884, it stood 10 stories and 134 feet and was considered the world's first skyscraper. It was demolished in 1931.

    Early skyscrapers that are still standing include:

    Chicago Board of Trade (1930)

    Chicago Temple Building (1924)

    Palmolive Building (1929)

    Civic Opera Building (1929)

    Pittsfield Building (1927)

    Lasalle Bank Building (1934, what replace Home Insurance Building)

    One North Lasalle (1930)

    35 East Wacker (1927)

    Mather Tower (1928)

    Lasalle-Wacker Building (1930)

    Carbon and Carbide Building (1929)

    All of these buildings are over 150 meters.

    Source(s): Emporis Wikipedia
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    Chicago's first tower is still standing. It was built 140 years ago and is sitting in the most expensive real estate area of the city. The Water Tower stands over 13 floors above Michigan Ave where it has been since 1869:

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