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SUN -IN in light brown hair, turn orange?

I have light brown hair. I would like to put sun-in I would like to know if it's going to turn my hair orange?

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    Nope, as long as you use it sparingly and distribute it evenly. Use it gradually over time. Don't just dump the whole lot in your hair all at once.

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    I used Sun-In last summer, and It turned my hair a tiny bit orange, when you looked at it when it was in the sun, but I think my hair is a bit of a darker brown, and it already had slightly red undertones. If you have a bit of red in your hair I wouldn't do it because the red would probably show a lot more on your hair.

    If not then go ahead :D

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    genuinely it may turn extra crimson/orange! I purely examine this in a mag these days genuinely, so it somewhat is a twist of fate I ran for the time of this question. A brunette (died or organic) has maroon/crimson undertones that make up the brown colour. because of the fact the bleach lightened your hair and grew to become it extra of an orange brown colour, it somewhat is displaying via extra now and you broken the inital colour! do not go interior the solar my expensive! The solar's rays already take a toll on organic un-styled hair and makes it dry. once you dye it, the colour fades interior the solar and makes it much extra dry! touch below your hair after which on precise of your head, experience the version of texture? i propose (i are conscious of it relatively isn't what you desire, in spite of the fact that it's going to make your hair healthful lower back to start up over and to colour it wisely) to dye your hair lower back to that is unique colour, if not a million shade darker, and depart it like that for approximately 1month & a million/2 to 2 months. THEN progressively upload lighter highlights of the brown you needed via your hair. save doing this technique till you get your needed result. it gives you you demention and a glance of fullness because of the a number of hues, and that is much extra helpful than purely a trouble-free previous hair colour. Your hair would be healthful, the final hair colour, and warm! :D reliable good fortune!!!

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    I don't think it will affect light brown or dark blonde hair in such a way. Now, if you tried it on dark hair... that might turn it orange. Besides, they've improved the formula since the 80s, lol.

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    it doesnt turn like kathy griffin orange.

    it just gets an orangey tint to it.

    i used it last summer and i liked the way it looked, it didnt look bad :)

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