BB 11, Anybody else alittle disgusted that Jessie won HOH...?

Man I was really hoping someone else would get the power this week.

I really getting tired of Jessie's Alliance feeling like they have this game won.

Anybody else bummed ?


bighopes,Yeah I like Andrea too but Jessie not so much...

I don't hold the Jessie thing against her. LOL

Update 2:

Yeah, Oh please !

There have been 10 other questions prior to this one about Jessie winning HOH.

Update 3:

Zack, I know I really liked Lydia in the beginning too but ever since she hooked up with Jessie and they started sleeping together, she has totally changed.

Now I really can't stand her because she does everything Jessie tells her too like a little lap dog.

Update 4:

MissMonk, PMSL !

He needs to come out of the closet and tell his wife ! That's hilarious !

Update 5:

Dink, LOL, I know what you mean I was yelling at my TV too !

Ugh , I'm just soooo D*mn tired of these Athletes !

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    Oh I'm more than a little disgusted. I tell ya, my poor TV is going to retaliate one of these days if I keep screaming at it everytime the Athletes win something. It is soooo freaking infuriating the way they keep going on and on.

    I cannot stand Jessie nor Ronnie and Russell is right after them. I want them out soooo bad, its pathetic.

    I know there is so much going on that we're not seeing on the show and I really have to force myself to stay away from the spoiler sites b/c I just get upset when I know whats gonna happen before it happens...anyway.....I hate that Lydia is so far up Jessies back side, her nose has to smell....I hate that they are now going to target Jordan and Casey...the only reason they can't go after Jeff is b/c he is in their clique....but Grrrrrr! Its just so frustrating.

    I feel like Jessie doesn't deserve to be in the game anyway...he got booted last time....why should he get a second chance at the $$?

    Anyway.....I need to go console my TV for awhile now...poor thing is traumatized I'm sure :)

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    oh hell yeah,,,,,, Jesse is so in love with him self he makes me sick,,, BUT he is a little more tame this season >> I wanted Jeff, Casey or Jordan to's time the power of the house shifted

    I would rather see meat head Russel win over least I know that he would put Ronnie on the block...... he needs to come out of the closet and tell his wife!

    not many people I like this year...... but I'm afraid they will get picked of one by one...

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    1 decade ago

    I can't STAND Jessie! I really liked Lydia in the beginning but she seems really needy and clingy and it is really obnoxious. I really can't deal with Russell (he is a bigger meat head then Jessie)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i wasnt disgusted, i was glad. I love the athletes. don't worry though. I've seen this show since '02. And the alliance that has power early on always loses in the end.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Not as bummed as I would have been if Russell had won. I HATE RUSSELL. Jessie's not so bad this season. Russell makes him look like a Boy Scout.

  • 1 decade ago

    anyone else. I woulda wanted to see Casey or jeff win.

    not Jesse.

    the fact that he got another chance to play is a great deal but he gets to be HOH on the first week

    WHICH SENT BRADEN HOME :@ ! !!!!!!!!!!!

    DAMN Jeff and Casey were sooo close in playing todays game

  • 1 decade ago

    I am sooooo irritated! It was so close!

    I only know of one person on here who actually likes Jessie! LOL But I won't name any names...(Andrea)...LOL (I Love ya Andrea!)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jessie's a total meat head.

    I really didn't want him to come back this season. And, I really didn't want him to win.

  • It's bittersweet, because I hate him, but I think he'll get Ronnie's *** out of here. If only my sweet precious Laura could be there to relish the moment :)


  • 1 decade ago

    yeah i wanted lydia or casey to win they deserve it more then jessie again

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