Should I or should I not talk to this guy? I'm so confused!!?

Ok, I've just added this guy, let's say Jack, on my facebook. Then, I realized Jack's also friend with Tom who walked out on my life with his ex, Jen. Tom lied and cheated and broke my heart real bad. Anyway, Jack is also Jen's friend. I met Jack a few times at college and talked very little but I thought just a friend at school...I don't know if I should keep Jack in my friend's list because when I'm on his fb, I may see Tom and Jen and their pics and then I'll be tempted to get on their fb and that's when I will get hurt more :( I wanna forget Tom and ppl said I had to cut off everything that'd remind me of him. On the other hand, I wanna pretend like I don't know who Tom and Jen are (Jack didn't know abt us) and talk to Jack as normal. Maybe flirting with Jack to make Tom jealous? I don't know I'm so confused now. Thanks for ur help!

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    1 decade ago
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    TALK to jack on facebook. BE HIS FRIEND! this a*shole tom should NOT interfere on your life this much-doubt you interfere this much in his. don't look at jack's pictures. i am tempted to look at the boy's FB that i like. but i kno i cant. it'll upset me too much to see him with his gf. keep jack in your life as normal. maybe he'll turn into somethin more. do NOT flirt with him to make tom jealous. ive done it all, and that will lead to disaster-and tom will kno just what you're doing.

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    i vote talk to him. its not his fault this happened and you should give him a chance. who kows h could turn out to be an amazing friend.. or more.

    however, dont flirt with him to mae tom jelous, that is extreemly unfair to jack, and although i always love a little payback you cant let it hurt someone else. its just not fair.

    talk to him though, and just remeber to talk to him only. dont go to tom and jens page, they ae out of life and should be out of mind. be happy, and do something for you (= good luck

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