1969 Mustang gas gauge not working HELP!!?

Recently purchased a 1969 Mustang Fastback when I got it the gas gauge didnt work. I drove it about 3 weeks without it working no problems but I ran out of gas on my way to work today so I'm fed up with it. It wont budge not even a little its stuck on E. Before I start it, it will be under E then when i start it, it will go to E and stay there so I don't think its the gauge itself. What are some troubleshooting tips or if anyone has had this problem before let me know.


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    The sending unit in the tank...

  • 4 years ago

    1969 Mustang Gauges

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    If you can get at the connections on the rear of the gauge, disconnect the wire to the sender unit.

    It sounds like the ignition is powering the gauge OK, so attach a piece of wire in place of the sender wire, switch on the ignition, and see where the needle goes to. It could go right up or stay right down. If it goes right up, the trouble is the sender unit or wire.

    If it stays down, touch the other end of the piece of wire to a grounded metal somewhere. The gauge should go fully the other way.

    If it doesn't, the gauge is faulty.

    If it does, check the connections at the sender and the whole wire for short circuit. If nothing is found, try shorting the sender end of the wire to ground (after reconnecting gauge end), and you should be able to cause the gauge to move.

    If it does, replace the sender. If it doesn't, you still have a bad connection or bad earth at the sender end.

    You should use a reliable earthing point for this test, the tank itself is not necessarily earthed properly, due to age. The earthing of the sender unit to the tank can also be faulty.

  • 1 decade ago

    its the sending unit, really common in older cars. Track your mileage and fill up when you should still have about a 1/4 tank or drop the tank and put in a new sending unit.

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