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Should I take my 11 year old little sister to see Demi Lovato with me?

So my little sister wants to go to the Demi Lovato concert with me tomorrow, since shes going to be where we live. Is she too young, or is it fine? Thanks. =)

(Sorry if its in the wrong section! & please no rude comments.)

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    I think you should take her, if you don't have a problem with it. I think that she isn't too young and that if she really likes Demi Lovato and you think that you and her would have a good time, then you should definetely take her. But it is obviously up to you, but she isn't to young and you would get to spend more time with her.

    Hope I helped! :)

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    Actually Its fine, because parents have kids that are like 7 or 8 going to Demi's concert. Since She is a Disney star it'll be okay.

    And she's 11 a preteen, she could even go by herself or go just with her friends.


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    its fine,demi lavoto is a disney star so i don't think your going to be getting into any kind of trouble and besides shes 11 she can handel herself shes not a little girl.

    i hope you have fun (:

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    it's fine. demi hasn't gotten into a major scandle. only problems she has had is the whole miley and mandy v selena and demi. so your safe. she's not to young.

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  • It's fine. I went to my first concert (Hilary Duff) when I was 9

    I went to another Hilary Duff when I was 11

    And a Jonas brothers when I was 12

    And this year i might go to a Miley Cyrus and i'm 13

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