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Does anyone know the titles of these two movies?

Sorry....really vague memory of both of these movies but im dying to know what they are...

movie #1:

there were vampires and i think werewolves.

sisters who were becoming vampires go to this town that is blocked off by this big wall.

the sister stay in this house thing and theres a room down the hall that they find a boy thats all deformed and like a monster or something

i wanna say that the title or one of the girls names has a flower name in it. like violet or rose or something.

movie #2: a bunch of people are in this room and theres a lot of focus on a clock....i think the title of the movie had something to do with time but idk...

i think it was like on an island or something....i remember there at least being a lot of water. like a lake. and a boardwalk

i remember they all drank some poison and i think they like passed out for a while and maybe only one of them woke up?

i think it had like a saw feel to it.

once again....i have a really vague memory of these movies. if you know the title, you're a life saver! its been driving me insane for years.


thanks! the first one is ginger snaps back: the beginning! :D:D:D

Update 2:

for movie #2....i think there was a fight on the boardwalk...some guy was trying to kill everyone? idk. ugh its driving me insane

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    Movie #1 is Ginger Snaps- The beginning. They have part 1, part 2 and the beginning. That's the one you are looking for.

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    the 1st one is Charade with Cary grant and Audrey Hepburn. magnificent action picture. isn't somewhat waiting to submit to in recommendations the a number of one. better advice: i've got have been given faith the 1st answer is actual. Your 2d action picture does sound like the ideal Starfighter.

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