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Do you think preteens and teens should have a cellphone?

im a preteen and i have a slide out keyboard and im getting a touch screen soon. people on yahoo answers always be like will they dont need this and that. well i dont pay my own bill i have unlimted and my bill is 56.00 i get good grades in school and sometimes have a smart mouth and get it popped by my mom lol. ok anyways do u think teens and preteens should have a cellphone and if u say somethign mean then your not then one thats paying the bill okay!!!!!!!!

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    well your being responsible and paying for it so yes... but do i really think parents should be forced to get their kids a phone..and pay for it? no...

    i had a phone as a teen because i had a good walk from my bus to my house and there was a man going around in a car talking to my mom was so scared but worked. after a day or two my grandma started picking me up, but yeah the phone helped me,

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    Yes, they should because they can talk to their friends or family to be in touch with them and also so the parents can know where they at when their child call their parents cell phone.

    hope it helps..

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    Yes. When you go out with your friends you and your parents should have some form of contacting each other.

    It's also important for you to be able to contact and socialize with your friends.

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    Yes i do, parents always need a way to get ahold of there kids when there out.

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  • i myself am a teen lol and yeah teens and preteens should have cell phones. they can become more social and talk to people and also cell phones help in emergency's

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