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Do Japanese have highest average IQ in the World?

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    The average IQ score on the Stanford-Binet test is 100.

    Environment, as well as genes, plays a role in IQ. I think that the Japanese culture trains the kids to be more academically competitive (there are advantages to this), and I think education is valued more there than it is in the states (they treat teachers better!). Environments where kids are read to by their parents, and receive a great deal of mental stimulation, produce higher IQ scores.

    IQ is very nebulous, like the other poster said. It's really difficult to map someone's intelligence onto a number.

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    1. IQ tests tend to be culturally biased. If said high IQ person took an IQ test in, say, Nigeria or in the streets, they could also be considered mentally retarded.

    2. I think you mean that the Japanese are considered the smartest and that may be because, as I have read, it is dishonorable to do badly in school and honor is very important in a family. Furthermore, the Japanese tend to have a higher work ethic than Americans (although MANY other countries do too) and the academics are more rigorous

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