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HELP!!! i don't want a tapeworm!?

iso i made salmon tonight, it was the frozen kind you buy for cheap at walmart.

i put it on the grill straight from the freezer and it was there with my family's pork chops cooking fro about 20-25 min at least but under 30 minutes.

none of it was cold when i ate it, it was all warm but did it get hot enough to kill bacteria???

i searched "undercooked salmon" and kept getting this guy who got a NINE FOOT TAPEWORM from this...


do not want.

please provide any help i am sitting here freaking out and i have to work and stuff i can't be ill!!



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    If you cooked a fish for 30 min then Im' sure it got hot enought to kill any bacteria. That seems like a long time for fish

  • It seems to me the fact that the salmon was frozen would take care of killing any tape worm cysts.

    NEVER eat raw salmon sushi, as tapeworms are a genuine concern.

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    I've read about that and it freaked me out too. I read about herbal parasite remedies on line. One solution was drinking a home made strong mint tea chilled first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Drink a full 8 oz. glass every morning for a week. Wait one hour until breakfast. You'll feel better inside and outside.

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