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How should I flirt with a guy one year older than me (he's 14)?


if u dont care, DONT ANSWER!!!!

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    Flirting with a 14 yr old guy may not work well for you. Especially if he is older than you. He may see you as too immature or "just a kid". If you still want to flirt with him, first see if you can gather a little information about him. Try to get a hint as to how he may react. Most 14 yr. old guys are not known for their sensitivity and gentle manner. They are out to characterize themselves as a "man". There is no point in getting your feelings hurt. You might want to get to know him a little as a friend and not a romantic interest. Then if you flirt you will know what you are getting into. Go slow and good luck.

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    u r 2 young 4 this act presently

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    Why is this in Men's Health?

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