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My girlfriends birthday is soon(what to do)(Girls help please, guys too i guess)?

My girlfriend turn 17 tomorrow, and im in a fairly new relationship, i asked her out about 1 month ago, we both really liked each other..

I just want to know what you girls would consider a romantic day with just the two of us?

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    I think that's sweet you want to give her a romantic day! best present by far. Although dinner is cliche it is still nice. I think a good idea would be to take her on a picnic, you get way more points if you make the food yourself. Put some fruits in the meal too, small things like grapes or whole strawberries because they are perfect for feeding each other ( if you like that). It would help to know what she likes. Foot massages are always a hit, be gentle if you have no formal training though! By the way A+ for asking for ideas...I wish my boyfriend would think of that!

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    Go somewhere INTERESTING that you can explore together. Maybe take her to a cool art exhibit or space museum or local festival or somewhere you wouldn't normally go & explore it together. Romance is NOT roses & perfume (geez please be original!)

    If you like her, do something she would not have thought of herself, & take a chance on something fun & interesting & explore it together. The memories of doing something new together will bond you closer & be WAY more fun than a few flowers on the floor.

    BTW people - since when does having sex = romance? I'm a guy & that is total BS. Yes, it CAN be romantic, but not the first firggin month of dating! Get a grip & get to know someone for 5 seconds before you lay down, geez!

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    Walk up to a girl, and slap the crap out of her. Once her pants have been soiled, she will either

    1. Cry, and run to the bathroom to change her pants. If this happens, follow her, and say "Oh man, I'm so sorry. You were so hot that every time I tried touching your face, my hand kept slipping and rebounding due to the massive hotness. Lets have sex, and forget this whole thing ever started."

    2. She will give you oral sex.

    So either one of those will work. Btw, If she has sex with you, make sure she cleans her pooper and vagina! You don't want Ebola on your penis.

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    Don't give her anything too dramatic or expensive because that might freak her out. (i.e. jewelry, a picture you drew of her, a poem you made, nothing creepy like that)

    Give her a bouquet of flowers. Not roses because those are cliched. Is there anything else she likes that's different?

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    see a scary movie=cuddling (make sure she doesnt hate these first).

    jewelry=ALWAYS a good thing (giftcards)

    a nice dinner is always sweet and girls love it. even a small thing like a really nice card about how much you like her helps.

    a giftcard for clothes...

    or make her a cake!

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    well you seem to reelly care for her..

    which is great!

    romantic date?//:,, hummm

    probably a picnic at the beach

    (at night) with good food and nice

    slow music..

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    buy her roses and take her our to dinner and to a movie!

    if you do have sex?

    decorate your room with candles and rose petals and perfume it and take her to ur room and make love

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